Curriculum Vitae Carl-Georg Arendt

1. Family name:
2. First names:
3. Date of birth:
4. Nationality:
5. Education

1st June 1953

Institution (Date from - Date to) Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

University Of Applied Sciences,
Germany 09/2003 – 12/2003

Post graduate certificate in Economics and Marketing (Economics, cost management, financial controlling, marketing, sales, business planning and investment strategies).
Ministry of Agriculture & Forests,
Germany 06/1983 – 12/1986
Post graduate certificate in Forest-Administration (Grand Governmental Examination)
Germany 11/1976 – 12/1982
Diplom-Forstwirt (univ.) equivalent to Master of Science in Forestry including Natural Resources.
6. Language skills:
  Reading Speaking Writing
German Mother tongue Mother tongue Mother tongue
English 1 1 1
French 1 1 1
7. Membership of professional bodies:
Society of Irish Foresters
8. Other skills:
MS Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint); Trainings: Development Policy, Project Cycle Management, Project management and procurement, Monitoring & Evaluation, Personnel Management, Budget & Accounts Management, Accounting software and application, Natural and Plantation Forest Management, GIS, Agro-Forestry, Perma-Culture, Communication & Facilitation, Teaching and Presentation,
9. Present position:
Senior Forestry Expert
10. Years within the firm: self employed since 1988
11. Key qualifications:
  • More than 30 years of professional experience, including 20 years overseas experience and more than 15 years experience as a project manager responsible for the operational execution of projects and programmes;
  • Strong experience in building capacities in participatory / community based forest and natural resource management in Gabon, Kenya, Guinea, Botswana, Nepal, China and Vietnam
  • Well versed with EDF procedures: a total of over 61 months working directly with EDF rules and regulations and procurement in Djibouti, Tanzania, Liberia and Guinea. This includes development of 8 tenders for services, works, and equipment under EDF 8, 9 and 10.
  • Extensive experience in EC programme management, framework contracts and EU external actions through joint elaboration of the log frame, annual budget planning, installation and implementation of project accounting systems, procurement of goods and services including the formulation, launching and evaluation of open and restricted tenders; economics and institutional analysis and capacity development;
  • Experience in the development and promotion on non timber forest products and ecotourism concepts
  • In depth experience in land use planning, forest resource assessment, including the application of GIS and GPS technology
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills and proven experience of working in multicultural teams with counterparts and other international and local specialists.
12. Country experience:
Country Date from - Date to
Morocco 03-14 to 08-14
Ethiopia 02 and 04-10, 02-11 to 01-14, 05-15 to 10-15
Yemen 06-10 to 07-10
Djibouti 02-10 to 04-10
Malawi 01-10
China 05-09 and 08-09
Senegal 02-08 to 02-08
Mali 09-07 to 12-07
Nigeria 03-07 and 07-07
Italy 01-07 to 12-07
Tanzania 10-04 to 10-06, 11-10
Liberia 07-04 to 09-04
Egypt 10-02 to 12-02
Guinea 07-00 to 08-02
Botswana 02-00 to 03-00
Vietnam 06-97 to 12-99
Ireland 02-96 to 09-99
Gabon 02-92 to 12-95, 09-08 to 10-08
Kenya 09-91 to 12-91, 05-07, 08-17 to 08-18
Nepal 03-88 to 03-91
13. Professionell experience:
Team leader Environment and Natural Resources
A.E.S.A. / European Union
08/2017 – 08/2018
EU funded “Technical Assistance to the Water Tower Protection and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (WaTER) Programme”; programme analysis and structural input, adaptation of rehabilitation funding and activities to governmental structures in 16 counties, technical support and expertise on integrated resource management- Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation plus (REDD +), Climate Change Adaptation, Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES), Community based Approaches to Ecosystems Management; institutional and capacity support to the implementing agencies including the public institutions (MoENR, KEFRI, KFS, KWS and KWTA), implementing county governments, and community based organisations, grass root institutions and the private sector; advise on effective mainstreaming of climate compatible development and inter-county natural resource management into the county government policies, plans and budgets. Support of the internal coordination of the programme’s objectives to minimize the risk of duplication or conflict within the implementing agencies and the external coordination of the programme by establishing working relations and synergies with ongoing related and affected initiatives. And the facilitation of regular interaction with the implementing and partnering agencies; Ensure linkages and flow of information between the implementing agencies, the county governments, the community, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and other relevant organizations; Ensure effective management of the data, information and lessons generated from the programme activities; Ensure the transfer of skills and knowledge among the members of the implementing teams and partner institutions through participatory and collaborative working processes.
Senior Expert NR Based Value Chains & Livelihoods Development
PARTICIP / European Union
05/2015 – 10/2015
EU funded (Framework Contract) ”Mapping the EU+ Engagement in the Green Sector, Joint Programming Needs Assessment in Bale, the South-West, the Simein, and Identification of EU Activities in the 11th EDF”. Compilation of up to date information to ensure aid effectiveness in the green sector interventions through increased synergy and complementarities among EU+ development partners in Ethiopia; institutional mapping of the green sector countrywide and in three eco-regions of Bale, South-West and Semen; needs assessment and gaps identification; identi-fication of existing and potential synergies, gaps, overlaps and fragmented approaches; program design under the 11th EDF; preparation of a draft Action Document for the 11th EDF support to the South-West and the Bale eco-region as an Initial Action Document fulfilling the DEVCO requirements .
Chief Technical Advisor
NIRAS / European Union
03/2014 – 08/2014

EU funded (budget support) "Assistance Technique au Programme d’Appui de l’Union Européenne à la Politique Forestière du Maroc (PAPFM)", (Technical assistance to the sectoral support programme of the EU to the Forestry Policy of Morocco). Elaboration of structures and procedures for the operation, guidance and follow-up of the support programme to the High Commission of Water and Forests and for the fight against desertification, planning, coordination and guidance to the different activities of the programme, the preparation of annual plans of operation, the preparation of activities of the technical assistance component, the implementation of studies, training measures, and activities for communication and visibility; Elaboration of terms of references, mobilization and management of short term experts; elaboration of guidelines for the preparation of calls for proposals; review and reformulation of the national forest policy.
Team Leader
GOPA (for EC)
02/2011 – 01/2014
EU funded (decentralised management) Scaling up participatory Forest Management (SUPFM), Ministry of Agriculture(MoA), Promotion of a process of capacity development within MoA, harmonisation and institutionalisation of Participatory Forest Management (PFM), support to development and marketing of Non-Timber-Forest-Products (NTFP), advice support to project management staff at federal and regional level; simplification and implementation of the PFM guidelines, guidance in setting up Forest Management Groups, development of management plans; mainstreaming of PFM within government mechanisms, ensuring sustainability and ownership beyond the life of the project; support to the project’s capacity building programmes, guidance and support to the organisations providing field level capacity trainings, liaison with non-government and private sector organisations; support to the development of small and medium forest-based enterprises, support to the development and refinement of regional NTFP strategies and the development of market linkages, creation of awareness between key sectoral and extra-sectoral decision-makers and opinion formers; assistance in the set-up of a game of public relation tools, development of a communications plan; support and advice in the preparation of programme estimates, advice and assistance with the procurement of services and supplies in accordance with EDF procedures; overseeing the decentralised management of project activities, and assist the IA in reporting to the PSC, NAO and the EU Delegation.
Advisor 10th EDF (Call for Proposals, Grant)
EC funded (centralised management) Formulation of the Environment Component of the 10th EDF Support to Non State Actors Programme & Guidelines for Applicants preparation Review of the existing policies, acts and guidelines and the role of Non State Actors in their implementation; mapping of NSAs specialised in participatory Natural Resources Management(Forests, Wildlife, Fisheries); detailed analysis of existing interventions; preparation of the Action Fiche and related Technical and Administrative Provisions(TAP); preparation of the Guidelines for Applicants of the Call for Proposals including priority areas for intervention; eligibility of actions, size of grants; percentage of the EC contribution and applicant contribution; eligibility of applicants and partners; incorporation of comments by QSG
Adviser EDF (Financial Management)
GOPA (for EC)
06/10 to 07/10
EC funded Technical Assistance in Support of the Social Welfare Fund, Republic of Yemen – Phase III: Progress review of procurement and financial management with support documentation; training of SWF accountants - including Imprest Administrator (IA), Imprest Acount Officer (IAO) -and other staff on EC procurement and financial management including management of programme estimates and imprest accounts; accelerated launch of delayed procurements; support to procurement of supplies, services and CCT grant; installation of a financial management system for the project.
Adviser EDF (Procurement Services)
GOPA (for EC)
02/10 to 04/10
IGAD-REFORM (Intergovernmental Authority on Development-Regional Food Security and Risk Management Programme) Organisation and coordination of the administrative and legal requirements for the implementation of tendering of services under 10th EDF procedures for the Social Protection component of the programme, including: a, preparation of standard EDF tender documents; b, liaison and harmonisation of the tendering approach with EU Delegation Ethiopia, c, practical advice on the development and formulation of Terms of Reference; d, supervision of follow-up activities to the tender; e, counselling and on the job training of IGAD Board of Directors on 10th EDF procedures.
Senior Forestry Advisor
GOPA (for EC)
EC funded:Integrated Forest Management for Sustainable Livelihood, Phase II: Fact finding mission with the objectives of refreshing the local memory about GOPA, of introducing the prospective TL for the second phase of IFMSL, Carl-Georg Arendt and to research first hand and up to date information about the forestry sector, technical and institutional issue to be observed. Focus was led on the development of demand driven interventions within the government priority sector of decentralisation.
Forest Management Specialist
Gitec Consult (for KfW)
05/09 & 08/09
China, Hebei
Sino-German Smallholder Afforestation Project – Hebei II
Guidance in planning, training in the formulation of forest management plans. Assistance in design, implementation and documentation of forest management demonstration sites in the major forest types of the municipality; Developement of model management plans for the major afforestation areas; establishment of forest management activities with emphasis on close-to-nature forestry and catchment management; development of training material for forest technicians and farmers.
Senior Forest Economist
Gitec Consult
04/09 to 10/09
Headquarter – Department of Agriculture
Technical and administrative management of projects in the forestry and agriculture sector; backstopping; fact finding missions, project acquisition, management and preparation tenders, elaboration and revision of technical and financial reports
Danish Management (for EC)
09/08 to 10/08
Result-oriented Monitoring System of the Implementation of Projects and Programmes of External Co-operation financed by the European Community Lot 2: Africa, Indian Ocean and South Africa." (ROM): ECOFAC IV – RAPAC and ECOFAC IV - Gabon Component
03/08 to 03/09
Exploration of investment opportunities in forestry development in response to the forecasted climate change; analysis of and decision on company models, preparation and validation of company publication; establishment of the core management unit consisting of legal councillor, tax and investment accountant, acquisition/sales unit and administration cum finance; development and launch of the marketing concept and campaign preparation.
Operations Specialist
02-08 to 02-08
Preparation of a strategic plan of the prevention of and the fight against Avian Influenza in Senegal (INAP – Integrated National Action Plan)

Planning, coordinating, monitoring and facilitating the preparation and the implementation of the mission. Assessment of the capacity of the country’s coordination bodies and procedures to ensure efficient coordination in the prevention and response to AHI outbreaks. Proposition of an action program to improve the AHI coordination capacity in the prevention and control of outbreaks. (i) Adequate planning and coordination in the preparation and the implementation of the mission insured, including a comprehensive mission agenda that will ensure contacts with all major stakeholders in the country during the on-site mission phase. (ii) Production an inventory of the contributions of donors or development partners to support the country’s capacity building efforts on AHI coordination. (iii) Draft of the mission’s Aide-Memoire – in close collaboration with the mission leader – based on the technical contributions of the team members of the mission and on the conduct of the rapid assessment mission. (iii)
Contribution to the coordination sections of the action program and incorporate his report in the INAP. (iv) Formulation of the Integrated National Action Program (INAP), in close collaboration with the Financial Analyst and mission leader on the basis of diagnostics and recommendations issued by the technical experts. Preparation and facilitation of a one-day workshop to finalize the financial plan for each country’s INAP.

Head of Operations Africa
01-07 to 12-07
Food And Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases, Avian Influenza
Coordination of TCEO AI Africa project operations; supervision of operations officers at the regional ECTAD units in Bamako (West), Nairobi (East) and Gaborone (South); assistance in improved TCEO operations and in training of national operation officers; formulation of emergency project proposals in line with FAO procedures, preparation of project documents for technical and operational clearance; participation in resource mobilisation and contract negotiation mission; operational back stopping to all stages of the project cycle management i.e., recruitment, procurement, training, budget monitoring etc; preparation of operational briefs, reports and donor correspondence; organisation of donor conferences.
Adviser to NAO
European Commission
10-04 to 10-06
9TH EDF SUPPORT TO THE NAO in accordance with the Cotonou Agreement
Advice to the National Authorizing Officer (NAO) in the execution of his functions under the ACP-EC Conventions and on all matters relating to EDF/EC co-operation. Assistance to the NAO with international contacts in the framework of ACP-EC relations. Provision of TA support for all operations of the Unit, including Indicative Programming and the identification, preparation, implementation and monitoring/evaluation of programmes and projects. Establishment of participatory and effective processes for strategy planning and programming; Strengthening of project management capacity at line ministry and agency level, Establishment of effective systems for monitoring and evaluation and reporting on the progress of all programmes / projects; Development of effective information management tools including establishment and maintenance of data-bases; financial management and project auditing; Conduct of joint annual reviews and reporting; Training of Unit and Project staff on EDF procedures, particularly for procurement and the preparation of tender and contractual documents; establishment of an organisational core unit for the Non State Actors; Strengthening of National NGO's through outsourcing of ONAO tasks;
07-04 to 09-04
Management Study and Financial Review of the Forestry Development Authority in Liberia
Identification of the main financial flows and opening and closing balances of the FDA; review of gross revenue flow, current expenditure, wages and salaries, profit/loss balance, remitted profits; composition of net financial balance; Estimation of the potential for revenue generation in the next fiscal period; Elaboration of stringent proposals for the establishment of a financial accountability system; Review of the overall mandate, structure and procedures of the FDA; Review of the organisation, and staff structures; Assessment of the internal sub systems and their efficiency, Assessment of the working environment; Review of the accounting and management controls;
Sabbatical Year
01-03 to 12-03
Certificate studies
Economics, cost management, financial controlling, marketing, sales, business planning and investment strategies.
Senior Operations Adviser
10-02 to 12-02
Analysis of the operations branch of the FAO Regional Office Near East
Operational planning, project formulation, clearance of project documents; progress monitoring; chairing of task forces; input of experts and staff; technical back-stopping; monitoring and evaluation; project performance analysis, cost-efficiency analysis; technical and administrative reporting comprising follow-up action in co-operation with recipient governments; liaison with field offices and donors; resource mobilisation;
Chief Technical Adviser
GFA (for EC)
07-00 to 08-02
"Appui à la Gestion Intégrée des Ressources naturelles dans les basins du Niger et de la Gambie", Composante Sous-Régionale Haute Gambie
Ex-ante evaluation, natural resources management, establishment of private sector planning and implementing structures, training on project and personnel management tools, assistance in NGO management and accounting techniques, personnel management and development, EDF budget planning and accounting procedures, technical and financial reporting, procurement, communication and inter project relations; programme extension focussing on participatory approach; natural and plantation forest management, participation in mid-term evaluation mission: Part of an extensive Government/NGO team with a budget of 2,5m Euro.
Senior Forestry Adviser
02-00 to 03-00
Community Forestry Development Project"
Fact finding and project formulation mission for the EDF tender on the TA. Structural analysis of the Ministry of Agriculture and the position of the Division of Forest and Range Ecology therein, assessment of the technical and human resources capacity, outline of strategic orientation for the forestry administration with special emphasis on community forestry development, impact study of sector related projects and NGOs for private and stakeholder forestry. Preparation of a technical, organisational and financial proposal to the Govnmt of Botswana and the EC.
Chief Technical Adviser
GFA (for KfW)
06-97 to 12-99
Afforestation in Ha Tinh, Quang Binh and Quang Tri Provinces",
Participatory plantation management, community forestry development, land-use-planning, land allocation, site mapping, private seedling production, large scale plantation, trainers training, rural finance and credit system, advice on privatisation of forest enterprise board, trainers training, M&E, development of research framework, protected forest legislation; volume 17,5m DM
Managing Director
Forest Management Ireland Ltd
02-96 to 09-99
Acquisition, development and management of forestry property. Valuation and taxation of investment projects; technical forest management, rotation cycles
Institutional Adviser
01-96 to 01-96
Analysis of the African Timber Organisation (ATO), emphasis on the interaction of organisational structure, objectives, personnel capacity, funding pattern
Chief Technical Adviser
02-92 to 12-95
Ex-ante evaluation of structures, legal framework and capacity potential, change of institutional status within universitarian framework, forest policy , legislation, donor liaison, planning, fund management, accounting, construction of infrastructure, staff development, lecture reform, co-operation with logging industry, forest management framework, public relations. cycles
Forest Management Adviser
09-91 to 12-91
Utilisation strategies for the coniferous plantations, analysis of inventory data, growth simulation models, forest management plans.
Forest Management Expert
12-90 to 03-91
Terai Community Forestry Development Project, participatory natural forest management, buffer zone management, ecology, manual on poplar production.
Associate Professional Officer
03-88 to 11-90
Terai Community Forestry Development Project, Socio-economic analysis, community forestry, forest management, restructuring of forest administration.
Forestry Adviser
01-87 to 03-87
Forestry potential exploration, quantification and research of plantation areas.
Assistant Forest Officer
Ministry of Agriculture & Forests

06-83 to 11-86

Preparation and implementation of forest management plans, planning of reforestation activities, assistance in communal and private forest management
Forestry Adviser
Ministry of Agriculture & Forests
04-82 to 12-82
Photo interpretation, forest inventory, forest management
Forest Technician
Ministry of Agriculture & Forests
10-75 to 01-76
Forest tree planting, thinning and felling, road maintenance
14. Other relevant information
  • "National NTFP Strategy”, SUPFM, Oct 2013
  • "Communication Strategy”, SUPFM, Jul 2013
  • “Guidelines for the Implementation of Farmer to Farmer Study Tours”, SUPFM, Nov 2012
  • “Appui aux Equipes de Préparation, Opérateurs de Préparation” et Paysans Resources, Report ,AGIR, Apr 2001; “Opérateurs de Préparation” – Approche d’identification , Report AGIR, Mar 2001; “Planification de Projet”, Report AGIR, Nov 2000; “Poplar Production in the Terai“, Manual. TCFDP, Dec 1990; “The Forest Management Plan for Rautahat District“, TCFDP, Dec 1989;

Company / Institution Subject Company / Institution Subject
    GTZ Personnel Management
ZIF Short-Term Election Observer (2008) GTZ Development Policy
FAO Project Cycle Management GTZ PC based-Accounting
FAO Budget Holder GTZ Project management
GFA GIS GTZ Teaching technique
GTZ Communication GTZ ZOPP
GTZ M & E FAO-TCFDP-Nepal Permaculture
GTZ Management of conflicts FAO-TCFDP-Nepal Agro-Forestry
GTZ Presentation techniques FAO-TCFDP-Nepal Word processing (1988)